Témoignage de Sophie

I am reading The Way by Josemaría Escrivá and it appears as though there is something more to his message as written in the text. Take, for example, the video below. It's about a French woman named Sophie and her witness to a greater good than herself. In the video, Sophie does not not feel sorry for herself in light of what has happened to her husband Cedric and how his injury has changed her life. Instead, she relies on God's grace and mercy. Sophie shows certain sense of tenderness that that comes from serving her husband. Hers is a story that is on par with that of Moose Krause.

Regardless of our personal spiritual journey, there is a deeper meaning to the idea of serving others. Put it another way, the obligation to "serve others" is more than a must do. It's an opportunity to be a witness to God's grace through the tenderness and compassion of His mercy.